WL//WH Video of the Day: PSYCHOFORMALINA “Salome”

Video Of The Day Psychoformalina

I heard about Psychoformalina a few years ago on the excellent André Savetier’s blog (have a look at his documentary on the subject here), a Polish underground coldwave / post-punk 4-piece based in Wrocław, who finally released last year, after a long hiatus, the second album, “Ewakuacja”, dated back to 2011, their third LP unequivocally entitled “3 …” via fellow label Bat-Cave Productions.

Worthy heirs of the legendary ‘zimna fala’ (Polish words for ‘cold wave’) era of the mid-’80s, Psychoformalina recall somehow Siekiera, the most influential Polish band of the time, with its distinctive dark guitar-driven sound made of rumbling bass, painful razor-sharp riffs, and solid tight rhythms over forlorn vocals.
The quartet brings a penetrating yet abstract darkness into the brand new video for the studio track “Salome” off the “3…” album.
Dire ominous atmospheres, drenched in abrasive stinging guitar riffage, slow burn with heavy tribalistic drums pounding along deep sinuous bassline throbs, as dark haunted male vocals swear solemn suffering into the tuned down blistering six-string piercing distorted wails.
Polish lyrics add an enigmatic allure and mysticism into the obscure hypnotic track, while the distant echo of back-up chanting and striking tambourine shakes enhance the brutal force of doom set forth in the chilling imagery.
Intense, emotionally provocative visuals cast black, grey, and pale pink onto mysterious scenes alternating between a photograph of a woman, a man engaged in a dark ritual, and a live performance set against flashing strobe light effects, swirling crimson liquid, and hypnotic subconscious symbolism shapeshifting the elements of life into a painful reflection expanded, concealed and frozen in the mind’s eye.
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