WL//WH Video Of The Day: CAVE SEX “Survival/Affliction” (Music Video)

South East Asia‘s Cave Sex is Hafiz (guitars, synth, vocals), Azril (drums), and Wan G (bass), an up-and-coming three piece growing up through the concrete cracks of modern Singapore, who, through the just-released self-titled EP, replete with a full-bodied Post-punk sound reminiscent of the adrenaline rush of Killing Joke layered by the politically charged raw energy of 80’s Anarcho Punk, takes listeners on a journey through themes of anti-war, societal oppression, and the struggles of dissidents.

The band has just dropped a DIY Music Video, edited by Wan G, for “Survival /Affliction”, the first song on the 4-track 12″ EP via French independent label & distro Symphony of Destruction.

Dark and sinister with lush shades of hope, vibrant, droning icy synth flashes weave in and out of a heavy haze of distorted reality that mutes a powerful force of ominous punchy bass throbs, hard-hitting thunderous and lashing drum beats, and jagged ringing guitar riffs, whilst stoic, emotionless vocals, backed by primal screams, chant about the “Survival /Affliction” mindset with rousing frequencies.

Strobing black and white visuals shuffle a shadowy performance by Cave Sex with symbolic imagery to enhance the nature of the soundtrack. An assortment of bars in all shapes, sizes, and parallel configurations remind us of an open-air jailed environment wherein lies glimpses of a frightened eye and hands holding on, only by the fingertips, to invoe the looming danger seen in the grey-cast stormy skies above.

Cave Sex‘s S/T EP ltd. vinyl 12″ is out now via French independent label & distro Symphony of Destruction.

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Photo by: Mohammad

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