WL//WH Video Of The Day: SOFIA “Decir Adiós / Say Goodbye”

Video Of The Day  Sofia  

Kicked off and developed during the long distressing lockdown period as a process of self-introspection, the solo project of Palma, Spain based artist and musician, part of local band ScorpioSofia, has released an enchanting DIY music video, created by Sofia herself, Jelen and Veru, for her 80s-tinged, dark and minimal, electro-pop debut single “Decir Adios”, via Oviedo-based independent label Humo International.

Nostalgic 80s electronic textures weave urgent rolling synth waves around heart skipping thudding beats and crispy claps, while low oscillating bass pulses simmer nervously underneath lost airy female vocal’s detached longing and rumination culminating with a barrage of zippy abrasive rips releasing unearthed tension around repetitive choppy chants of hopeless realization.

Reflective lyrics contemplate feelings of regret, loneliness, and bitterness at the hands of a deceptive fate.

Neglected convenience store windows, grey cloudy skies, and a hypnotic hand dance draw water reflections into elongated dimensions of curved light, stretching nylon textures under geometric shapes cast in skewed camera angles to create a visual stream of consciousness. Black and white photography, zoom lens action, and split-screen techniques create a disorienting sweep across time and space, while enigmatic graffiti-strewn walls, intimate facial expressions, and universal symbols of an electric dove and white lilies reflect on feelings of melancholy, hope, and rebirth down a rain dropped street of modern dystopic unrest.


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Photo by @patriciafort_