WL//WH Track Premiere: COLD WALLS “Descending”

WL//WH Track Premiere  Cold Walls

Cold Walls is a darkwave duo, comprised of Vajda Doma (bass, synths, vocals) and Lehotay Peti (guitars, vocals), based out of Budapest, Hungary, who play ‘sad music with punk and dark influences’.

Following a couple of Demo EPs, WL//WH is pleased to premiere the new track “Descending”. 

“Descending” unleashes ominously gloomy rumbling bassline mingles with repetitive pounding beats to inject a menacing sense of danger, emphasized by incisive sharp guitar riffs, slurring into the pitch dark recesses of subterranean tar, lead by deep loud full male Jaz Coleman-like vocals harboring pain, anger, and ultimate hatred screams.
Vile and loathsome thoughts turn to fury and vengeance as a voyeur laughs at a man’s final descent into the burning fires of a hellish fate.

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