WL//WH Video Of The Day: GREY SKIES “Automaton”

Video of the Day Grey Skies

Hailing from Mexico City, Grey Skies is a Mexican post-punk trio, with little more than a year of life, who have just dropped the new 2-track single “Insomnia” via fellow independent label Faktores Kotidianos Records.

Additionally, the band have also shared their first DIY video for the b-side “Automaton”.

Layers of disquietude rise into an intense swarm of claustrophobia set forth in the lyrics as deep pounding beats and quick clapping strike mix into a dark treacherous throbbing bassline rhythm, lurking over the icy sparkling guitar chords’ piercing reverb, while abrupt robotic vocals chant emotionless fear and alienation into the frenzied surge of zipping static synth melody’s terrorizing atmospheric aggression.

Lyrics refer to an “Automaton,” or a person who seems to act in a mechanical or unemotional way, and the fear, distrust, and paranoia that stems from living in a police state, which seems increasingly common around the whole world lately.

Black and white video clashes strobe light flashes onto a  journey through a blurred forest into a crowded cityscape of anonymity, before opening into an aerial view of a vast white landscape crawling with humans moving in an automated fashion.
Unfocused transitions between citizens, militia, and an underground club scene build an unsettling momentum of disconnected unity, as overlays mix architecture into reflections and fast-flowing clouds into the hands of energetic dancers, to form an esoteric schism between the expression of freedom and enslavement to the machine.

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