WL//WH Video Of The Day: MONTE GRISA “A Confession”

Video Of The Day  MONTE GRISA

Monte Grisa is an enigmatic Anglo/Italian Goth Post-Punk act from the UK fresh from dropping its distinctive ‘sonic wall of misery’ through the debut 4-song EP, “Resurrection”, anticipated by the video for the lead track “A Confession.”

“A Confession” immediately draws the listener into the brutal self-despising of a restrained, visceral yet bewitchingly evocative shame-laden baritone vocal over ominous broody sonorous bass lines, dry thumping beats, amidst sparse splattering percussions, cold, distant synth glows, sharp, excruciating piercing guitar wails and vibrant riff-laden mist expands into a hauntingly immersive agonising darkness.

Equally engaging, the black and white visuals shuffle heady imagery from Pexels, Cottonbro Studio, Dan Christian Paduret, and Luis Quintero with the depth of emotion found in the soundtrack. Symbolic and abstract, underwater ink blots and edgy, mesmeric dance choreography intermingle with subliminal strobes and hypnotic flows amid an array of suggestive reflections, leaving the viewer affected by another’s psychological pain.

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