WL//WH Video Of The Day: ZACK ZACK ZACK “Sekretariat”

Video Of The Day  Zack Zack Zack  

Vienna denizens multifaceted Dark Wave duo of Turkish origin, Cemgil Demirtas (Synthesizers & E-Bass) and Ygit Bakkalbasi (E-Guitar & Vocals), AKA Zack Zack Zack, celebrate the release of their 11-song debut LP, aptly titled “Album 1”, with a symbolic video by NY-based filmmaker Rob Barriales, for the haunting and abstract instrumental track “Sekretariat”

“Sekretariat” references the iconic racehorse who won The Triple Crown in the 1970s.

It didn’t have the best start, but it was probably the most successful racehorse of all time… That’s where the idea of running in the video comes from: The woman (played by Jamie Alexandra Murphy, editor’s note) encounters some unpleasant situations, but in the end stands strong and undefeated.Zack Zack Zack

Ambient field recordings engage soaring bird calls to elicit feelings of an uncertain destiny along remote shores of warm, warped ceremonial synth glows carved by the hypnotic outflow of cutting, abrasive guitar coils rippling through heavy buzzing bass tones, icy bright twinkles, and distant hollowed clamouring beats, whilst a voice clip of Sekretariat’s epic race builds eerie sentient anticipation into the evocative layerings of surreal fear and nocturnal desire.

A cinematic video, shot on location in New York City by Rob Barriales, captures a young woman running for her life through a treacherous maze of lurking dangers. The notorious and daunting skyline of NYC adds grit and edge to an innovative tale of feminine angst while a haunting, disjointed flow of time-lapsed motion drives adrenaline through the mind’s eye of imagination to evoke palpable anxiety and dread. Pale black and white photography, spinning and angular camera work and on-point acting by Jamie Alexandra Murphy draws subconscious thoughts from suggestive and universal symbols of violence, conflict, and dread extracting an intimate, vulnerability and hidden strength from beneath the groovy retro-modern psychological nuances of the setting and soundtrack.

Zack Zack Zack‘s first LP “Album 1” is out now on Vinyl/Cassette /CD & Digital, via the band’s Bandcamp and Arizona independent label Reclusion Records (Cassette edition).

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