WL//WH New Music: RE:OP “Down To” [Teorema / Diffuse Reality]

New Music  RE:OP

The feeling of an excessive flow of information, an incessant process of brainwashing, burning out of human emotions. Existential longing, and a shrapnel grenade as a hope that has been destroyed. The slow process of internal war, which everyone wages in his own way. All this is reflected in the album as an expression of his feelings. The apathetic attitude to death and life hopscotch and endows the man with the unconscious power to fight any difficulties of life, which allows him to survive

Experimental electronic producer from Russia, RE:OP, unveils the cold, stark, breaks-infused, atmospheric track “Down To”, accompanied by a DIY video, taken from the forthcoming debut album, “Waves of internal resistance”, due out, CD & Digital, on 17 February 2021 via Teorema, a sublabel of Berlin /Barcelona /Buenos Aires-based independent imprint Diffuse Reality Records.

Ominous pulsing basslines drone mesmerically, surging with dangerous live-wire voltage through the nocturnal pound of ritual thudding broken rhythms shedding dull distorted echoes of anticipation, cut by hissing and crispy percussive insertions, around minimal, detached male vocals cryptic sneer, while relentless primal screeching strains expand impending alternate dimensions of subliminal fear with eerie focus and clarity, giving way to the intoxicating piercing force of searing guitar slivers vibrating of profound emotional pain.

A video accompaniment rolls black and white footage of civil unrest and violence along with an angry tirade of street protesters in an uninhibited release of pain and injustice lit by the perpetual flame of deceptive, systematic oppression.

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