WL//WH Video Of The Day: IMÁGENES RETRO “La Vida Ya No puedo Sentir / Life I Can No Longer Feel”


Mexico’s solo project, Imágenes Retro, also known as DARKØ, drops an endearing atmospheric and melancholic lo-fi blend of Post-Punk and New Wave into the soul searching music video for his introspective second single “La Vida Ya No Puedo Sentir” (Life I Can No Longer Feel.)

A disconnected reverie winds energetic, rolling beats along with low organic bass pulses and wistful, piercing guitar melodies to carry detached, melancholic male vocals through a pain-filled numbness of swirling emotional huffs, buzzing synth glow echoes, and unbalanced tweaking frequencies to open locked doorways of the mind with the healing aura of collective dreams.

Flashing black and white time-lapse video winds quickly backward into a blurry stream of consciousness, to uncover the mysterious symbols of buried memories. An enigmatic blend of animated geometric shapes, abstract reflections, and vintage home videos extract a nostalgic, subconscious flow of past dimensions into the mind’s eye of imagination, funnelling a rapid influx of pent-up emotions, haunted by yesterday’s laughs, tears, and hidden anxieties to conjure a cathartic flow blocked by the dark energies of malaise.

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