WL//WH Track Of The Day : THREADING “Fever”

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Almost three years are passed from their last EP “You Are Never Enough” on The Native Sound but sonic wizardry of the Ann Arbour‘s four-piece Threading is still there, like it never even left.

“Fever” is once again a wondrous refined and rich blend of shoegaze, slowcore and postrock in a seamless integration of multiple layers of sound awash with textures and emotions, along with a darkly undertone. With inventive drumming and deep bass pinning down the low end, the smooth superb vocals interwined with the shimmering intricate guitars licks on the top of the sonic spectrum laced with melanchony and nostalgia.

Cold, contemplative and atmospheric with sudden ascensional bursts of hidden fires, as shadowy as it sensual, as impalpable as it is carnal, “Fever” conjuring a magic otherworldly spell of sonic nuances will inexorably transport you into a blissful state of mind.

On the band’s FB page ‘Our final gift to you. Thank you for everything. We love you’

The spell is broken…

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