WL//WH Video Of The Day: DR. ORGANIC “Fall to Rise Up”

Video Of The Day  Dr. Organic

We met Dr. Organic by chance in a forest, he defines himself as a musician defending his natural rights that humans have appropriated. His fight is inseparable from his biological nature, halfway between man and tree, covered with leaves but moving on two feet and able to speak. His fight is ecological and his weapons are his synthesizers.

French electro musician Dr. Organic drops an immersive video for the thought-provoking track “Fall to Rise Up”, taken from the 5-track album “Early Days“, via Swesor Bhrater‘s DIY label Idio[t]phone Records.

The ominous buzz of a droning bass line ignites ripples of calm ritual beats and tremoring tapping frequencies of kinetic vibrations to evoke distorted baritone frog-like vocals to release dark, organic fear into the fluttering hope and rebirth of warm bright synth swirls, tweaking the higher planes of communication with harmonious sonic light.

Esoteric lyrics revolve around the darkened penumbra of the fall into the comforting love of the Rising Sun, from self unto ego death.

Metaphysical video extracts the camouflaged textures of a sentient being, whose natural fibres merge with the timeless beauty of the Universe. Twigs twist into animal-like limbs to configure hybrid entities of tree people, while shadows sculpt aquiline features onto multi-tonal rock wall surfaces, shading identity and form into a symbiotic balance of energies. A river flows along a pre-historic skyline, illuminating the past with handprints, skeletons, and enigmatic characters to chisel mind-blowing depth and abstraction from the unblinking focus of bokeh lens vision. Gnarled bones from Fate’s sybillic hands reach ceremoniously toward an obscured sky, connecting the sleeping dimensions of the mind’s eye with the blurry lines of a surreal world left hidden in plain sight.

Dr. Organic “Early Days” is out now on ltd. 100 copies vinyl 12″ & Digital via Idio[t]phone Records

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