WL//WH New Music: RAMOS DUAL & YUL NAVARRO “…Igual Que Mi Corazón Puede Volverse Oscuro”

New Music Ramos Dual & Yul Navarro

The 2020 COVID-19 lockdown lit a fire under Córdoba, Spain‘s lo-fi ‘teknoize’ duo RAMOS DUAL & YUL NAVARRO in the form of a provocative video made with a phone cam and some wild imaginations. “Igual Que Mi Corazon es Amor Puro, Puede Volverse Oscuro,” is the first single from their upcoming sophomore album “ARRASTRAMOS SOMBRAS” which promises, “We Make Music at the Speed of Darkness!” Fasten your seatbelts!

The powerful “Igual Que Mi Corazon es Amor Puro, Puede Volverse Oscuro” unbridles intense ominous moods that march along repetitive tinny beats, metallic clashes, and hard pounding booms while piercing keyboard stabs, steady rhythmic basslines, and heavy guitar distortions pollute the asthmatic textures laced in bizarre energetic chanting, sparse underwater sonar effects, and relentless ritualistic momentum.

Mechanical Spanish-language lyrics reveal the foreboding sentiment ‘JUST AS MY HEART IS PURE LOVE, IT CAN TURN DARK’.

The black and white video casts hot and sexy shadows over an erotic dance sequence eclipsed in a blinding white light, clashing contrast into sexual tension, while homemade costumes and the mind’s eye ignite some wicked suggested fantasies.

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