WL//WH Premiere: 100% “Abandon” All Hope for Ego Dreams

WL//WH Premiere  100%  

Since 2014, the renowned dynamic Brisbane/Melbourne based Australian all-girl Synth-Pop 3-piece, 100%, combine the shiny dark bouncy beats & synths from veteran musicians Chloe Blackwood (Cannon) and Grace Stevenson (Rebel Yell) with the forlorn angsty vocal vibrancy of Lena Molnar (Bloodletter), to capture and mesmerize the listeners. After a long hiatus, the band suddenly emerge from the lockdown with an immersive video, created by Charlie Hillhouse, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, for the heady lead single, “Abandon”, taken from the upcoming debut album, “Clear Visions”, due out mid-2022 via fellow independent label It Records.

“Abandon” shares heartfelt wisdom about temperance and sharing through a learnt lens of experience and mistakes.

Ominous, energetic, and mechanical textures weave sinister buzzing bass vibrations, stacks of crisp heart-skipping beats and hollow rolling percussions, distant, anxious synth strains, and warm distorted icy-bright swathes around hopeless atmospheric vocal layers of doubtful fear, obsessive dread, and haunted echoes into an unrelenting angst of past desire.

The dizzying visuals by Charlie Hillhouse, starring Rachael Archibald, unfold wavy subconscious ripples that superimpose intimate perspectives with depth defying asymmetry to invoke transformative powers from skewed mental reflections. Hypnotic aquatic overlays draw multi-dimensional awareness from prismatic rays and shadows of doubt to shape-shift inner thought-forms into well-rounded projections of manifested sight. Laser line graphs dissect dark memories from a secret confessional with transformative light to balance disharmonious energy into cathartic insight.

100%‘s first single from the forthcoming debut LP, “Clear Visions”, is out now on Digital via It Records label’s Bandcamp.

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