WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE LOUR “Apples”

Track Of The Day The Lour 

Moscow based trio The Lour, after a good debut album in 2016, just popped up last year with 2 new songs, repeating a few days ago with the new single “Apples”.

The British New Wave and the British Post-Punk influences from the 80s have always been ably contaminated and enriched with a pulsating electronic backbone, varying from EBM, Techno, electro, trance, always displaying a distinctive production-wise quality, as in this last case grappling with refined deep techno rhythms.

Steady hissing snare beats, densely pulsing, warm bassline and deep, flashing atmospheric synth loops waver ceaselessly, pierced by a sparkling sharp reverb-strewn guitar that ebbs and flows, to enlighten the haze of disturbing introspection, spews shimmering slivers, energetic abrasive riffs, excruciating and bleeding leads, and stoic clear folksy strums, echoing sad, hallowed brooding male vocals brimming with fear and angst into a shivering array of mysterious occurrences.

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