WL//WH Video Of The Day : II – Two Eyes ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus cover)’

Video Of The Day

The French post-punk / dark wave duo “ii”, pronounced “Two Eyes”, born in the caves of Nancy, after a low-key debut 2-track downloadable single “Two Eyes (early mix)” at the very start of the year, have just released their first video, a cover of the infamous Bauhaus anthem “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”.
A man and a woman, a minimal instrumentation, a pounding beat set the tone among spectral flares, then the guitar chords, grim and abrasive, underpinned by the double male-female vocals, low and somber the former, clear, sensual and dramatic the latter, in a pagan litany twisting its way into the darkness, the atmosphere is getting gradually darker and menacing, the guitar louder and fearsome, the clanging rhythmns ever-increasing, floating in an abysmal, desperately unfathomable pitch black vacuum to the edge of the abyss, suddenly a sinister but deceptive stillness, an unsettling, tension keeps on building on the background punctuated by ominous metallic clanking, to resurface in an ending of tragic exscruciating density “Bela Lugosi’s dead. Undead Undead Undead”

It wasn’t easy to confront a classic of such a cult status, the “Ground Zero” of Goth, but the duo’s intense and visceral, noisey and industrial approach, provide a different but no less intense emotional depth.

Check out the haunting and immersive video shot in Nancy soaked in blackness with few glimpses of light, two dim souls are slowly burning out plunged into darkness, perfectly matching the dense atmosphere of the song.

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