WL//WH Video Premiere: DAYFLOWER Escapes into the “Sonic” Realm of Bliss


As we wrote a few weeks ago about the heavily layered shoegazing title track from the latest 3-song single, “Sonic”, the Leicester based popadelic DIY combo Dayflower “coat their brittle, ecstatic dream pop with a swishing, abrasive yet caressing reverb-drenched, noisy wall of sound”. 

The group, in expanded formation, adding to the ‘usual suspects’ of Alex Clemence (vocals), David Dhonau (guitars, bass, sampling, fx) and Simon Bland (drums), also York-based vocalist Ola Szmidt (who sang on previous singles ‘Big Blue’ and ‘Seeing Up’) and guitarist Tom Trigg, present the alluring computer-created video, that dizzyingly arises from the swooping frequencies and rhythms of the song itself, programmed by digital artist and longtime Dayflower associate Johnny McJohnston, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

“Sonic” unfolds in ‘an invigorating impetuous freefall, through a distorted subconscious maze of sentient vivid perceptions, that drifts on the peppy pace of pulsating drum beats and snaking deep bassline, inundated by a swirling and winding iridescent cascade of sparkling fuzzy guitar reverb, ruffled by subtle shadows of restlessness, which arches and unwinds, amid airy folds of pensive interludes, over feather-light, dreamy male vocals and high celestial hums, merging in limitless breathless clarity, comfort, and intuition while falling feeble through hazy waves of timeless introspection.’

The audio-reactive visuals compel a hypnotic vibrant flow of artwork by Risa Konishi to explode in dim neon bursts of shimmering spectacles over Tenki Yohou’s presentation of spiritual power stones, amusing the mind’s eye of curiosity with depth-defying landscapes. Spinning disco ball reflections cast disorienting halos over warm red stage lights and blue spatial expansions to form an intoxicating veil over dissected and disjointed images of skin tattoos, urban hustles, and natural gardens. Zig zag x-ray vision transports shadow dancers through a blurry tunnel of shape-shifting time to connect ordinary people with new constellations from the eternal possibilities of psychedelic skies.

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