WL//WH Track Of The Day: TERRY vs. TORI “Magic hour”

Track Of The Day Terry vs.Tori

I had talked in the past about the ‘timeless pop magic’ created by Spanish combo from Sevilla, Terry vs. Tori, and in general, I fancy all the groups that revolve around the Andalusian outfit, like Escuelas Pías, Martes Niebla and Blacanova.

Without any doubt, there’s no way to go wrong with their deliciously melodic guitar-driven dreampop with dashes of shoegaze and jangle and a subtle lo-fi flair, made of the clean chiming guitar sound, palpitating bass and melancholic blurred harmonies of disarming sweetness, yet avoiding sappiness with an understated aura of darkness underlying, which makes it even more captivating.

The 4-piece approaches the long-awaited debut album ‘Heathers’, due out on October 30, vinyl & digital, via El Genio Equivocado, with the third single “Magic Hour”.

Esoteric lyrics use symbolism and rhetorical questions to explore the choices people make regarding needs and desires in our modern time.

Energetic guitar strums and steadily punchy drum beats elicit groovy elastic rubbery bassline that pulse and bounce unremittingly, gently pierced by glistening guitar melodies shimmering and spidering in and out, up and down, enticed by the soft hazy lilt of alluring sad and anxious female vocals soaring hopefully in introspection amid life’s many distractions.

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