WL//WH Video Of The Day: DENUIT “Black Sun”

Video Of The Day   DENUIT    

French tribal Goth Dark Wave duo based in Montpellier, Denuit, made of multi-instrumentalist Ivi Topp & singer Lis Araignée, accompany the release of their debut albumBlack Sun via No Need Name, with a mesmerizing DIY music video for the stunning title track “Black Sun”.

A refined and sharp, as cold and warm blend between Ivi’s hypnotic beats, gloomy bass throbs and winding icy synthetic evocations that coalesce organically with Lis‘ alluring haunted vocalizations.

Eerie droning wavelengths weave ominous mournful bass line vibrations and the stoic march of light dry backbeats into the witchy and magnetic chant-like croons of deep heartfelt female vocals to elicit mystic occult vibes of rousing frequencies, while penetrating glazing churchlike keyboard swathes pierce the poignant swirling resonances with organic intensity.

Apocalyptic lyrics prophesy a hellish landscape consumed in molten lave, where criminals and lost souls beg for mercy from the pain.

Black and white cinematic moods draw tension and release from a ceremonial dance with Mother Nature. Mirror reflections cast piercing rays of enlightenment through the winds of change by opening alternate planes of existence using slow-motion sequences of seductive body poses.  Windblown veils of secrecy and earthen animal bones harness repressed memories and subconscious desires from the shadows of the soul while sweeping views of the countryside and colourless contrasts build depth defying dimensions of intoxicating supernatural prowess.

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