WL//WH Video Of The Day: CONSTANT LIGHT “In Corpus” (Official Video)


Some will remember the Australian DIY electronic experimentalists based in Melbourne, Sasha Margolis (Automating, Y35.3, The Salivation Army, and Spitfire Parade) and James Dean (Tugboat) under the half studio/half live moniker Constant Light, due to a droning and immersive, equally minimal and expansive, melodic sound, walking the tightrope of Krautrock, Kosmische, Psychedelia, Stereolab-like Retro-Futurist Pop, Factory Records’ decadent gray atmospherics, and stripped-down obsessive Suicide-esque synth riffs, displayed along a couple of albums and several CD-Rs from the start of the 2010s through Margolis’ label Second Language Records, the latest of which, “Approach” in 2019, already revealed clear glimpses of the ’80s UK Wave / Synthpop leanings ala Mute Records /early Human League /OMD /John Foxx, revisited with a darker and moodier guitar-strewn approach in the brand new single “In Corpus”, first teaser off Constant Light’s forthcoming third album.

Mixed by legendary producer Larry Crane (Sleater-Kinney, Elliott Smith, The Go-Betweens),  “In Corpus” drives urgent, ominous, overstimulating vibes, to fuse steady marching beats, rattling hollow percussions, mechanical rumbling undulating low ends with eerie, icy glaring, and winding synth melodies, pierced by slinky echoing guitar ripples and buzzing abrasive riffs, to carry angsty breathless vocals into a poignant interlude, before drifting back into the alienating throbbing chaos of relentless momentum.

Thought-provoking DIY video blends found footage of the unyielding flow of the Industrialized era from the Prelinger archives with the merciless propulsion of the soundtrack to evoke sad feelings of robotic dread. Black and white imagery captures the stressful lifestyle of our forefathers amid the early battle between man and machine, whilst the mind’s eye hones in on the destructive nature of the futile competition as a psychological toll slowly takes hold and removes compassion and empathy from the hearts and souls of humankind.

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