WL//WH Track Of The Day: SUZI SABOTAGE “Persona Non Grata”


Helsinki‘s feisty musician/composer and chanteuse Suzi Nyberg, a.k.a. SUZI SABOTAGE is on fire lately, in addition to her well-known contribution in the bands Masquerade and Virgin in Veil, and the recent neoclassical-darkwave venture as Wild Roses Of Winter, she’s just returned with her coldwave/death-pop solo project via the new single, “Persona Non Grata”.

The cryptic fierce and defying lyrics evoke a surging movement of outcasts rising from the shadows, amid a world in flux, to challenge the oppressive power, as an “anthem of the ostracized.”

“Persona Non Grata” magnetically bouncing along with cracking syncopated kicks, lashing snares, sparse crispy claps, spooked by wandering haze of buzzing and flashing bass pulsations, whilst icy blinding synth flurries wind up epically around haunted spectral detached female vocals holding in steadfast emotionless determination, shifting to a suppressed battle cry in a release of heartfelt suffering.

Suzi Sabotage heats cold things up with a dynamic and high-charged mix of minimalistic crispy and buzzing rhythms, solemn lofty swirling synth paired with her distinctive haunting vocals, succeed in creating a riveting sound as eerie and hypnotic, as it is menacing and catchy.