WL//WH Video Of The Day: SOFT ON CRIME “Splendid Life”

 Video Of The Day  SOFT ON CRIME

Made of three stalwarts from Dublin‘s Rock’n’Roll underground scene (ex-members of Pet Lamb, Dinah Brand and Jubilee Allstars), Irish Psych-Pop group Soft on Crime have dropped the second single taken from the upcoming 12-track debut album “New Suite” scheduled to be released on February 2, 2023, paired with a symbolic video created by Padraig O’Reilly. 

Twelve chunks of sparkly psych-pop with elements of 70s Punk, early New Wave, and College Rock, embroidered by terse, sharp, sinewy riffs equal parts abrasive and melodic, nodding the jagged stylings of Soft Boys and the brisk raw Power-Pop from the Stiff Records rosters (Joe Jackson, Costello, Wreckless Eric…), spliced, as in this case, with ’60s West Coast-tinged rich vocal harmonies.

Nostalgic sun-dazzled vibes inject a groovy array of uneven guitar textures with slightly distorted and obsessive wanderings, rugged strumming scrapes, and rambling searing leads, whilst stumbling drum beats and throbbing bass lines lift high-energy breathless vocal angst into a swaying urgency of long-lost reflections for a seemingly lucky “Splendid Life.”

Heady video by Padraig O’Reilly blends old hand-drawn illustrations with fuzzy memories and vintage movie clips to form an archetypal stream of consciousness anchored in hidden dreams. Mind-warping visions from retro animated techniques reconfigure the mind’s eye of modern overstimulation with depth-defying optical illusions, opening inner doorways of visual magic with organic shapeshifting perceptions.

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