Track Of The Day: LORD TRAVVIS “Disposable Lovers”

Stripped-down instrumentation is cut to the bone, the rhythms are slightly slowed down and the tones become more introspective, menacing and darker in “Disposable Lovers”, the second single from Philadelphia‘s goth rocker Lord Travvis, but it’s always his evocative 6-string the main protagonist.
Almost harking back to the plaintive inflections of a traditional goth-tinged dark folk ballad in late Johnny Cash vein, soiled by abrasive, intense guitar textures to stir up visceral feelings of a restless and desolate soul lashed by the frozen, cutting wind of pain and loneliness.

Brisk and hypnotic snares and claps heighten gray and dismal guitar melodies and subdued energetic, bleak and depressing riffs that cry, threaten and vibrate inexorably around dual-personality vocals swaying from deadpan yet sinister and cynical spoken words to achingly alluring, brooding deep baritone encompassing the unsatisfied monotonous routine of superficial lies and flattery of intimate relations.

Lord Travvis‘ debut EP will be out soon. Keep an ear on it!

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