WL//WH Track Of The Day: SUZI SABOTAGE “Frenzy”


Helsinki based, Finnish musician/composer, lyricist and chanteuse Suzi Nyberg, a.k.a. SUZI SABOTAGE of  Masquerade , Virgin in Veil, and Wild Roses Of Winter fame, is back with her dark coldwave solo project with the empowering new single, “Frenzy”.

“Frenzy” starts off in epic danceable fashion, oozing edgy tension and magnetic atmospheric darkness, to elicit off-tempo, lashing snare beats along with threatening clicking claps, injecting foreboding urgent drive heightened by droning low ends and wicked tight bassline danger, cut by obsessively flashing synth swirls, that loom and hover with dramatic alarm over numb, detached female vocals smouldering out of the murky shadows to ramp up anxiety and intensity with poetic lyrics riling into an emotional tipping point where a subdued battle cry meanders under the dystopian subterfuge.

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