WL//WH Video of the Day: GINEVRA “Stoner”

Video of the Day Ginevra

Italian post-punk / darkwave duo based out of TurinGinevra, after the last year release of their long-awaited debut album “Death By Strobe” via Turin-based Triple Void Records label, have just dropped a 3-track EP titled GINEVRA ft. DsorDNE “Stoned” featuring two remixes by DsorDNE and the videoclip for the title track.

DsorDNEthe alias of cult musician, producer and studio technician Marco Milanesio, born out of the electronic experimental post-punk project Novostj, together with vocalist Roberta Ongaro, released, in the late 80’s, early 90’s, several tapes albums, split LPs and singles, one of which in 1987 with The Legendary Pink Dots, marked by a post-industrial sound spanning from experimental to structured electro poetry and soundtrack like instrumental electronic music. 

At this very time has been announced the vinyl/digital edition of the compilation ‘Novostj DsorDNE 1983-1988’, available on pre-order via London based ACC Records bandcamp.

Ginevra‘s poignant and evocative darkwave punch runs over relentness ominous thumping beats, interspersed with quick, sharp double claps, weaving together with booming clanging bass, sinister industrial chugs and foreboding shards of deep buzzing synths, to create increasing eerie, tension riddled, shadowy and hypnotic aura permeate with an overwhelming sense of unrest, tension and impending doom.

The perfectly paired visuals, produced with Sacrosanto Manifesto, use black and white vintage war footage, split screen imagery, and time lapse film to create a chaotic atmosphere devoured by beats of bombs going off in every direction. No surface area is exempt: the land, air and sea are consumed with flames, clouds, and waves of collateral damage. Throughout, an isolated tattooed man, sucked into the images, writhing in pain, his facial expressions go from shock, disbelief, sadness, and fear.

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