WL//WH Track Of The Day : DEN “Into The Ether” 

Track Of The Day

I’m reminded of the Sidney‘s post-punk four-piece since 2015 with a shoegaze tinged track, soon followed by the  brilliant single “Poltergeist” already hinted at a kaleidoscope of dark sounds, and certainly we could never get bored with the new single “Into The Ether” taken from their forthcoming new 12″ LP “Deep Cell” out soon on Paradise Daily

A catalyst of deep emotions, as the title suggests, in just 3 minutes, introduced by a brief atmospheric intro, “Into The Ether” is a cathartic collision of hard-core punk, deathrock, goth, with space rock and psych undertones propelled by an unrelentless, brooding organ, backed with pounding drums and bass, intertwined with the reverbed haunted vocals, repeating ‘Anti Matter’, building a overwhelming, sinister and claustrophobic soundscape with a brimming final surge of keys, which makes for a turbulent, challenging, but highly immersive and intriguing listen. 

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DEN-photo by Spike Vincent- Etch Mate