WL//WH Track Of The Day: STATIC PALM “Streetlight”

Track Of The Day Static Palm

After almost five years, a remote sold-out tape EP, a bunch of songs, countless live shows and support slots (Girls Names, M!R!M’s, First Hate, Qual, Kælan Mikla) over the London‘s underground circuit, Static Palm, the new wave/post-punk project lead by singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer James Burgess is finally on the verge of dropping the debut album announced, initially on digital format, for November 18, 2019.

The first crepuscolar, elegant and moody preview “Streetlight”, featuring the violin by Vanessa Bedoret, deals with a man alone reflecting in a disco on a Saturday night, confessing the harsh realities of his home life and trying to figure out his role in it.

Solid and nimble drumbeats, interspersed by bubbling and hissing percussive snaps, push “Streetlight” relentlessly onward burrowing into the harsh truths of a man, but it’s the rubbery, heart-pounding rambling bassline to take center stage and carry the achingly entrancing brooding melody and stir pent-up emotions, awash by spacious blinding icy synth drifts, while subdued, Johnny Marr-like lustrous chrome guitar chords sigh and strum in the background heightened by deep sideral violin notes dancing mournfully with harrowed haunted desperate croons doused in dire depravity, lost in the murky shadows of hidden pain.

What a perfect way to introduce the band’s debut LP!

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