WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHEVALIER AVANT GARDE “State of the Union”

Track Of The Day   Chevalier Avant Garde

Established in 2011 by Euro expat Dimitri Giannoulakis & Filip Minuta, the elusive Montreal, Québec-based Electro-Pop act, under the moniker Chevalier Avant Garde, have announced the release of their 5th album, “Death Drive”, through Brest-based DIY imprint Too Good To Be True, label familiar to the band, with which they released a couple of singles, between 2011 and 2013, via its previous Beko incarnation.

The 8-track follow-up to the Chevalier Avant Garde‘s 2019 “Deadlock” EP, is teased by a couple of songs, one of which, “State of the Union”, is paired with retro-style VHS visuals.

The twosome have crafted with time, softening their early edgy electro leanings while enhancing the bittersweet melodic sensibility, an elegant, lush and atmospheric pop chock full of dreamy and cold synthesizers, on the same shadowy reflective wavelength of New Order, early The Wake and Felt, that twirl like leaves in the gentle autumn wind under crepuscular glares, whispering fragile wistful and nostalgic melodies along with a low-key, charming voice, vaguely mysterious and emotionally moving, paced by palpitating swaying rhythms beckoning to a heart-warming dance.

“State of the Union” triggers urgent and tight rhythms, charged by retro-muffled percussive FX, hopping ceaselessly along with pumping bass, encircled with whimsical glowing synths like neon lights, to pull out encompassing soul-stirring feelings of pure melancholy, swirling in unison with wispy, feather-light vocals brimming with bittersweet layers of rarefied longing and aching romanticism.

The video evokes hypnotic 80s dancefloor nights awakening slumbering memories with delightful visions of signature dance moves, evocative fashion, and endless energy, to accompany the nostalgic vibes of the soundtrack with blissful recollections from the excessive era of eternal smiles.

Chevalier Avant Garde‘s new album, “Death Drive”, is slated for release, on Vinyl and Digital, on July 29, 2022, via French independent label Too Good To Be True.

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