WL//WH Track Of THe Day : SHAITA “Požari/Fires”

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We already talked in an interview with Goran Lautar, aka Neon Lies, about the fair amount of synth musicians in Croatia and here is a one woman (and her cat) project from Zagreb called Shaita, certainly not a newcomer, with already an album, on the German label No Emb Blanc, in 2011 and an EP “Halfasleep”, on via the French label Seventh Crow Records, to her name.

The new track “Požari/Fires”, an amazing balance of haunting melodies and relentless dark electronic rhythms, led by steady driving beats and urgent hypnotic bass underpinned by dramatic and ominous strings along with emotional, sensual and yearning vocals to create a highly seductive, desperately passionate and vaguely sinister atmosphere of longing and lust.

A bewitching return, let’s hope for more to come.

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