WL//WH Track Of The Day: DENEVÉR “Had Enough” [PLUTO Sound]

Track Of The Day denevér

The “drum machine + guitar driven Post-punk” Chilean/Hungarian duo based in Budapest, denevér, made of Sebastián Villano and Árpád Szigeti (also a member of Mayberian Sanskülotts), flesh out an urgent yet metronomic rhythmic box with tersely lithe ESG-like funk-punk bass pulsations, intense combustions of Gang of Four-esque 6-string strident and loud dissonance along with snotty and compulsive 70s UK Punk vocal delivery in the new single “Had Enough”, where an agitated person has obsessively ‘had enough’ of the grit and heat of the city.

A stifling and feverish escapist ride, lead by a tight and hypnotic drum machine, imbued with restless, slightly twisted euphoria, ceaselessly bouncing on a jingly cowbell-loaded, groovy rubbery bassline, veering edgily with an aggressive  dual interplay of echoing spoken words and tension-laden releasing screams, slashed by a frantic slow-burning romp of jarring knotted distortions and sweeping abrasive riffs.

Denevér‘s new single, “Had Enough”, is out now on PLUTO Sound.

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