WL//WH Track Of The Day: KAYSA “Shame”

Track Of The Day  KAYSA

New wave one-man project Kaysa from Saarbrücken is finally back after a long and apparently painful gestation of more than one years with the new single “Shame”.

The German artist creates home-brewed minimal and heartfelt sad music with cold and decadent synthetic tensions, which drawing dreamy and profoundly melancholic atmospheres, while exploring different shades of gray, not too obscure to be darkwave, not too upbeat to be typical synthpop, but it represents a restless area in between, a continuous inner conflict, where the boundaries of the dichotomy between light and dark, ecstasy and agony are very close and blurred, and the pain and lovelorn afflictions generated by the sentimental passion, find a temporary, but relentless ‘sweet’ outlet in an emotional and suffered inner catharsis.

Unceasing icily glaring drifts of synth melancholy are cut by droning and gurgling bass throbs, tinny-charged off-tempo sturdy rhythms, whilst tinkling sequenced wind chimes of boundless wistfulness linger around dismal, detached male vocals brooding deep, vivid emotions of lonely fear into the perpetual sorrow of life.

A welcome return.

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