WL//WH Premiere: PLEASURE VICTIM finds a “Crossmaker” for Love

WL//WH Single Premiere   Pleasure Victim

The recent US East Coast-based Synth-pop duo Pleasure Victim, which combines elements of Post-punk, Glam and EBM, has dropped a darkly sensual and intimate new single, “Crossmaker”, WL//WLH is very pleased to premiere, the follow-up to early 2022’s  “Holy Violence.”

An official 30-second DIY preview clip casts mystical, strobing purple mists and surreal prismatic perceptions around a dramatic performance by Pleasure Victim to sync seamlessly with the fantasy vibes of the soundtrack.

Channeling a cold yet vibrant John Foxx-like New Wave decadent futuristic bent and wailing Tears for Fears introspection, the ’80s New Wave-tinged “Crossmaker” urges off-tempo hard-hitting drum beats woven with a relentless broody, rumbling bassline and sparse eerie piercing guitar slivers, topped by icy-dry neurotic synth chimes, to elicit glimmers of lights seemingly reflecting over poignant, at times jagged, sax blows into an expansive heady chilly realm around a male/female vocal interplay, releasing somber angsty aches and taunting, flirtatious echoes into an intense shivering romantic confession of pleasure and pain.

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