WL//WH Video of the Day: DIAF “ERBSÜNDT/Original Sin”

Video Of The Day  DIAF

Back, as always in his distinctive red & black guise, the Bavarian goth wave project of Niko Biberger, a.k.a. DIAF, with the DIY video for the thought-provoking track “ERBSÜNDT”, the third single taken from the 9-track debut album “Weida”, available on Bandcamp/Spotify, while the strictly limited Vinyl edition is slated for release through Young & Cold Records in October 2020.

An upsetting, insane and distressing, but utterly riveting magical misty alchemy of ritualistic neo-folk, synth-laden wave and brooding post-punk, framed in ‘Süddeutsche Sprache’ lyrics, as to let us perceive that behind the lush surface of joyous abandon and seeming abundance of the traditional, Catholic Southern Germany lie a hidden bottomless pit of darkness.

Latent and repressed moods unearth dense anxious beats that cut the low airy bassline pulses with dire fear, while sad distant guitar melodies bleed lingering unrest onto the building emotional tension of pent up raw energy, released from the pained and haunted baritone male vocals, lit with buzzing and zapping synth chords to infuse the reverb-soaked haze of interference with an electric jolt of eye-opening compassion.

Esoteric lyrics explore the lifelong psychological violence inflicted by the catholic concept of original sin (Erbsündt) through an analysis that reveals a tragic flaw regarding natural inclinations and identity formation being judged as evil.

An intense and invigorating catharsis from an overwhelming tyrannical injustice billow within the accompanied red splashed video, that takes a personal dive into the living room sofa of DIAF, where time spent cuddling with a cute kitten permeates into the dramatic backdrop of a symbolic liberation, after years of hiding, from the imposed conformity of societal restriction.

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