WL//WH Video Of The Day: TEENAGE ART SCENE & TALIA FAY “Get Off The Road” (Official Video)


Born in the Summer of 2023 of an incidental encounter of kindred spirits with unconscious affinities and sharing the same music tastes, supposedly Belle and Sebastian and Joanna Newsome, Victoria, British Columbia-based Rupert Yakelashek (aka Teenage Art Scene) and Talia Fay, “the two intrepid songwriters met up at Teenage Art Scene HQ (Rupert’s house) and began working together on a collaborative song in Stratosphere Studios (Rupert’s bedroom). Inspired by a recent rear-ending of Talia’s car on the way to see Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, and some hijinks involving Talia’s bike ride over, the most dynamic of duos wrote and recorded the track “Get off the Road”. The two would continue to record together eventually settling on the idea of a collaborative EP”, and despite a few logistic drawbacks during the recording sessions, that slowed the finished product, Ladies & Gentlemen, Teenage Art Scene & Talia Fay‘s first four-track EP, “Get off the Road”, is ready to be unveiled.

Scheduled for release on April 19, 2024, the four-tracker is foretasted by an Official Video, filmed by Shane Yakelashek, for the first single “Get Off the Road”.

A colourful and shimmery blend of hints to a nostalgic sweetly retro folksy Indie-Pop, “Get Off the Road” drives casual bouncy drum beats and heartwarming pulsing bass lines through obsessive sways of tinny, vibrant, and impassioned sparkling guitar melodies, whilst a beautifully evocative male/female duet blends youthful angst with comforting support, through the lens of starting a new relationship.

Cinematic visuals, filmed by Shane Yakelashek, perfectly capture the sentiments of the soundtrack by showcasing a friendly couple hanging out in the park. A thoughtful combination of deep earthen colors, persuasive performances, and fun synchronized dance scenes paint a picture perfect vision for viewers to enjoy.

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