WL//WH Track Of The Day: ISOLATED YOUTH “ICT (Instalment Credit Transaction)”

Track Of The Day  Isolated Youth

Formed in a small coastal city north of Stockholm in March 2017 by brothers William & Axel Mårdberg along with Egon Westberg Larsson and Andreas Geidemark, Sweden‘s 4-piece Isolated Youth  keep on carving their own distinctive and refreshing approach to the post-punk sonic aesthetic with the brand new single “ICT (Instalment Credit Transaction)” via independent Greek label Fabrika Records.

Following the same brooding and shimmering guitar-driven path of last year’s track “Oath”, “ICT” sways along with an off-kilter and unsettlingly wistful flurry of pining, sparkling guitar melodies that chime onward, anchored by an agile, simmering, rhythm section, into a mesmeric maze of seductive dourness and unsettling grace, before jaggedly and steadily galloping into ominously tight drums and sharp grating 6-string riffage, to fade in a subtle soothing interplay of Marr-esque jangling guitars and hook-enhancing harmonies, augmented by arrestingly plaintive, caustic androgynous vocals, oozing alluringly emotive and primal elegance, brimming with ambiguous agony and ecstasy, contemplating freedom from the bonds of economically obsessive society, whilst washes of relentlessly abrasive guitar pulses, relentlessly, leave the submissive sheeple’s superficial fate behind.

Through sublime mesmerizing and wandering layers of guitar, vibrating rhythms and impassioned vocals, “ICT” exudes raw and heartfelt emotions that shine brightly into impending darkness.

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