WL//WH Track Of The Day: PERIMETERS “Hold On”

Track Of The Day  PERIMETERS

Newcomers in 2020 with a first 2-track 7″, a Joy Division-influenced lo-fi demo of sorts, where distorted guitars were on the forefront, Portland, Oregon-based duo Perimeters return in the new year with two singles so far, the latest titled “Hold On”, built on a stripped down, cold, morose yet melodic dark sound with prominent use of atmospheric analog synthesizers, finely straddling the intersection between moody melancholy post-punk and swirling emotive wave, to exude dismal and edgy moods fueled by emotionally detached vocal delivery.

Lyrics recite a set of emotionless thoughts swept in blending in, staying motionless, and obsessive doubt.

A driving gurgling bassline meandering with cavernous menace along with an endlessly urgent drum pattern, stabbed by springy, buzzing, frantic synth swathes, flashing somberly whilst a lonely hostile howl makes way for numb melancholic, echoing vocal reiterations invoking distress, desperation, and dread under a heavy oppression of fear and uncertainty.

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