WL//WH Track Of The Day: SNOW TRAIL “The Vice”

Track Of The Day  SNOW TRAIL  

I’ve been in the Thüringen city of Jena, former DDR, and the near Weimar a couple of times in the late ’90s/early 00s and I can recall those “intimidating, massive wall of eleven-storey prefabricated buildings in Jena-Lobeda“, even if as a lover of most things connected to the Soviet period and, maybe due to the daily hours, I had a different perception than the, of course, more familiar and realistic one from local outfit  SNOW TRAIL, who with the upcoming first album, “Abandoned Capsule”, “provides the perfect soundtrack for sleepwalking through these or other concrete deserts at night.”

The three-piece, made of Pascal (Guitar, Synths, Vocals), Padraig Silenos (Drums, Vocals, Spoken Word) and Ace (Bass), channel their twitchy pent-up energy, built up during the 2021-22 pandemic period when the songs were born, into an intricate yet minimal, as well as simmering yet subdued reverb-dusted Post-punk sound, swaying in an expansive and shadowy setting, punctuated by agonizing piercing guitar strains and terse emotional vocal outbursts, with an underlying torn melodic sensibility.

“The Vice”, lyrically about holding your head up high despite having the feeling to give up, dynamic tight drumming along a sinuously popping, rubbery bassline, constantly fuels the finely spun meandering of subtly sizzling riffs and weeping ringing guitar strains, layered by humming synth atmospherics, to resonate obsessively with an angular and aching edge over urgent caustic shouts, releasing tension and anger into disruptive ripples of bleeding fear.

SNOW TRAIL‘s debut album, “ABANDONED CAPSULE”, will be released, on Vinyl 12″ LP and Digital formats, on April 26th, 2024 via It’s Eleven Records and distributed by Cargo Records Germany.

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