WL//WH Track Of The Day: LAKES REGION “Motion Sickness”


The Sidney-based solo project of Peter Bridle, under the Lakes Region alias, harmonizes the bittersweet mesmeric shades of Dream Pop and the wavering emotive fuzzy reverb of Slowdive-tinged Shoegaze into the blissful yet heartbreaking third single, the second of the year, “Motion Sickness”.

Coalescing entrancing softness and stirring vibrancy, gossamer crepuscular lights and ephemeral warm nostalgia suffuse an immersive heady whirlwind of poignant heartfelt introspection, through a droning mist of shimmering layered guitar distortion, underpinned by cymbal-heavy skipping rhythms, floating off into a beautifully melancholic din of giddy gleaming atmospherics over lost staggered emotional vocals, drawing hesitant breathes of fear and sorrow from a rising swell of anxious dreams.

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