WL//WH Track Of The Day: DISTANT STARES “Bleak”


A Gothic band from Finland, Distant Stares searches for beauty in darkness to build enveloping arcane atmospheres, combining elements of Post-punk, Synthpop, Darkwave and Gothic Rock, rife with poignant harrowing melodies of resonant emotional impact.

The latest single, “Bleak”, deals with alienated lyrics dwelling in a nightmarish realm of wandering darkness.

An immersive slow-moving epic narrative of sinister chilling ambiance that delves into the depths of a tormented man’s soul, through a bleak glistening tapestry of haunting guitar echoes, ominous shuddering bass throbs, and ceremonial rhythms, swelling up into a lush mournful orchestral melancholy around stoic baritone breathes, shifting with brief agonized cries, to evoke profound sadness and desperation.

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