WL//WH Track Of The Day : NOVA GUARDIA “Rails”

Track Of The Day

Crimea-born, recently Moscow-based, artist Eugene Syprun, a.k.a. Nova Guardia has finally reached the full album release titled “Escapism” via synth-specialist Belfast label TONN Recordings, six elegantly and brilliantly executed minimal synth gems, not to be missed. 

“Rails” is made of darkly, enticingly and unnerving icy synths and woeful, drawling Mark E. Smith-esque vocals, amazingly hypnotic bassline. Sad, intimate and unsettling melodies adorned and accentuated by the hollowed-out noises of the analogue machines.

Intriguing and immersive, close to perfection. minimal synth from, as my friend Henry said, a Crimean ‘Mark E. Smith caught up in The Circus of Death’

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