WL//WH Track Of The Day: REPLICANT “Heavensent”

Track Of The Day    REPLICANT

Chicago, IL-based act, comprised of Garrett Vernon (Vocals/Guitar/Synth), Justin DeLay (Synth/Drum Machines/Producer), and Jordan DeLay (Bass), is back after a long hiatus to finally provide further epics to the ‘soundtrack of our modern dystopia’, given that things haven’t improved that much in the meantime, to tell the truth, with two new slices of Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic Synth Wave, poised between hell and heaven as the titles suggest, more industrialized, broken and ominously darker “Hellbound”, more melodic and poignant, the 80s tinged new wavey “Heavensent.”

This latter stirs sleeping demons triggered by driving hypnotic slashing snares along with sparse crisp, rolling percussions, droning skipping low ends and distorted piercing guitar echoes, shrouded by emotive icy bright synth floats over writhing alluring vocal confessions, stuck in a hellish mindset of failure and pain.

Two intriguing previews to heat up the definitive descent to hell of the third full-length album due out later this Summer.

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