WL//WH Track Of The Day : Счастливая Смерть [Happy Death] ‘Двойник’

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From time to time a song strucks me deeply and this is right the case, unfortunately I don’t know the Russian language but a friend of mine told me that it’s about a ‘Double’, the lead meet his own counterpart, but he just laughs and vanishes.

Fresh from releasing their second full-length ‘Оправдание/Justification’, Russian 3-piece based in Smolensk, comprised of Vladimir Kainov (vocals, noises, keyboards), Sergei Bykovsky (bass, guitar, drums, trumpet) and Alexander Zavyalov (guitar), Happy Death play a dense, gloomy and minimalistic brand of post-punk influenced by the 80’s coldwave and infused with deep thoughtful lyrics, of which two poems by the cult dark poetess A. Vitukhnovskaya

An overall excellent and intriguing album about the endless decadence and meaninglessness of modern life, the inability to feel genuine emotions, even the pain. Highly recommended.

‘Двойник/Double’ is quintessential of the band’s visceral and poignant approach, propelled by pulsating and hypnotic bass lines interspersed with injections of needling, tense and pervasive guitars enhanced by commanding deep and epic vocals and by an highly evocative and heartfelt trumpet that emphasises the desolate and melancholic atmosphere of sorrow, loneliness and inner emptiness that permeate every note, delving down into the deepest bowels of your bleak souls.

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