WL//WH Track Of The Day: NOSUCHNAME “Days.Gone.By”

Track Of The Day nosuchname

NOSUCHNAME is an elusive electronic one-man project hailing from Richmond, Virginia active from last year, that, combining analogue/digital synthesizers and drum machines, creates hazily dense, sadness-drenched atmospheric soundscapes with a luring lo-fi flair.

From his last 5-track EP “aBySs.”, that brilliantly blend elements of Darkwave, Post-Punk, Dream-Pop, and Synthpop, stands out the dark electro-pop of “Days.Gone.By”, lyrically a look back at a long and tumultuous relationship that gives insight into the intimate complexities shared between two jaded lovers.

Relentless glowing flashes of synth echo above tight pulsing kick-snare drum pattern and obsessive rumbling meandering bassline to build a brooding, contemplative state evocative of sorrowful, achingly melancholic memories and comforting certainties encapsulated within deep emotional, heartfelt vocals bolstered by full of past pain, ongoing unrestrained passion and rousing intimacy. 

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