WL//WH Video of the Day : Candy Cane “Congregation”

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London based DIY synth post-punk all-girls 3-piece Candy Cane, made up of Izzy Aguar (guitar), Hannah McLoughlin (Synth, Vocals), and EJ Lee (drums), began making music together to “ward off evil forces” after meeting in a haunted theatre. The band are going to release their 10-track self-titled debut album, filled with thrillingly eerie, gloomy and catchy synth goth-pop numbers, launched this evening at London’s East End Engine Room Halloween Party.

First single “Congregation” starts with martial low rumbling drum beats swelling in intensity to hypnotic flanged guitar notes of simmering unsettling tension as unfledged laments of pain emerge. Building in intensity the synth unite ritualistic drums and hard piercing guitar strums in an underlay of vibrating pulses. A strong, mature, acrimonious Siouxie-esque voice reveals Christmas Carol mockery. Vocals deepen, caressed with light backup chants repeating, “Congregate, Unite Us!” creating an environment of anger, struggle, and sorrow.

The accompanied video, directed by EJ Lee and Chay Collins, portrays an atypical music recital attended by ghosts of all ages sharing snacks enjoying the sounds as red and green lights penetrate the sheets of the musicians, revealing unexpressed faces of tedium and monotony. The crowd builds, and candy canes flicker while the band performs a disappearing act right in front of their eyes.

Strong, deep sound juxtaposed with feeble deficient emotion and fortitude. A sad, detached celebration of a detested tradition.

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