WL//WH Track Of The Day: NOCHE TRAS NOCHE “El Fin”

Track Of The Day  Noche Tras Noche

Little is known about the mysterious New York-based ‘Eskizofrenia Goth’ 5-piece Noche Tras Noche, but their 5-track demo EP Caer y caer“, filled with starkly straightforward electrifying dim post-punk vigor and infamous NY grittiness amidst Spanish lyrics, speak for themselves.

“El Fin” erupts with an insanely relentless and menacing barrage of ruthless energic fuzz-splattered dense guitar riffs, guttural bass, and pounding drums to stir painfully emotional outbursts towing the lines of anxiety and despair littered with layers of brooding gothic vibes, while dramatic harrowing and wailing guitar strains steadily echoing sore, grave vocals scold and berate weighted with misunderstood fear and angst toward a turbulent life tragically lost.

Rare to listen to demos of such raw, visceral, gloomy post-punk intensity, let’s wait for the finished article.