WL//WH Track Of The Day: NIGHT RITUAL “Eidolon”

Track Of The Day Night Ritual 

We left Philly dark post-punker Night Ritual with a bitter and melancholic murky ballad infused with Americana flavors ala Johnny Cash.

This time he previews another track, “Eidolon”, from the forthcoming album “Unbecoming”, raising the urgency and the all-consuming inner turmoil, whilst keeping his distinctive electrifying and evocative roots-tinged guitar work, around deep vocalizations steeped in melodramatic decadence and dark romance of rowdy and ambiguous charm.

The lyrics reflect on the deceptive nature of an idealized person or thing, while comparing it to a ghostly spectre.

A vibrant and chromatically vivid emotional charge, propelled by punchy mechanical beats along swelling buzzing bassline, pierced by swaying sparkling guitar weaving resonant epic twangs, and groovy, blazing riffs to fuel deep soulful vocals, unwinding in an intense melancholic brood and catchy choral reiterations of “Eidolon.”

Simultaneously familiar and mysterious, utterly intriguing.

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