WL//WH Track Of The Day: LONE SEAGULL “By My Side #16”


Lone Seagull is one of the two DIY home recording solo projects, together with Lakes Region, of the Sydney-based composer and musician, as well as guitarist of the far louder shoegazers Trillion, Peter Bridle, who is working, in his spare time, on new material for both sides with possible releases later in the year.

 “By My Side #16” is the first foretaste from a, hopefully, new EP from the artist’s slightly raw, breezily warm and gentle effect-laden lo-fi dream-pop moniker, while retaining a 90s sheen, borders an unusual vibrant hazy buzz of noisy pop energy.

Steady bouncy drum beats drive jagged guitar strains weaved with distorted, rubbing fuzzy streams, rippled by prickly ringing wistful melodies, to stirringly stretch and vibrate with a final restrained swirly screechy release over soft misty vocals, fluctuating from dull and drowsy longing to high and dreamy vibrancy, when a friend finally arrives, “By My Side”

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