WL//WH Premiere: WINTERNATIONALE “Fate of the Animals”/ TOWN ACE “Goons” Split Single

Split Single Premiere   Winternationale & Town Ace

Ahead of the launch and forthcoming physical release of their split 7” scheduled for a post-pandemic milieu, Melbourne’s Winternationale & Town Ace have decided to digitally share some new work as they wait for the shadow of COVID 19 to pass and live music to return to their hometown of Melbourne.

Influenced by post-punk and experimental traditions, Winternationale & Town Ace are bands of note who’ve recently emerged from Melbourne’s underground whose respective contributions to this split 7″ advance larger bodies of recorded work which are slated for release later in the year.

Recorded in Brisbane at Incremental Records with renowned indie engineer Cameron Smith, Winternationale’s “Fate of the Animals” is a motorik track of urgency and disquiet featuring guest vocals from Louise O’Reilly known for her work with Feeding Fauna and Laneway


Intense abrasive moods chafe against the grain with relentless guitar strums and vigorous drum beats surging in density around aggressive bassline thrusts, as brazen male vocals drawl hypnotic charm echoed in lost cries over achingly six-string squeaks and squeals.

Poetic lyrics rhyme resilient dialogue, dancing through puns of life’s essence until a revelation, “It Was the Fate of All Animals” exposes the crux of insanity as a necessary change of perspective to understand the world within the context of significant loss.

Town Ace’s contribution to the split release similarly maintains the breakneck pace with the drive and intensity of “Goons”. Faithful to the band’s live renditions of this song which is always a highlight of Town Ace’s live set, “Goons” is a track which foregrounds the quartet’s musicianship and deft ability to create and sustain a heightened sense of dramatic musical tension.

Town Ace

Chaotic atmospheres of overwhelming restlessness unleash brisk skipping drumbeats along with vigorous winding bassline throbs and harsh, sharp metallic guitar scrapes, that ring and tweak over pained vocalizations, howling haunted harmonies into imaginary dimensions of wasted narcosis.

A stream of altered consciousness flows inside the mind of drug-induced psychosis breeding feelings of paranoia, intimidation, and disassociation.

For more information, launch details and updates about the forthcoming split 7” to be released locally by indie imprint Almanac Recordings, please visit the Winternationale Facebook page.

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