WL//WH Track Of The Day: MADMOIZEL “A Forbidden Figure”

Track Of The Day Madmoizel 

We had already highlighted in the last Weekly Tips the

Huge 34 track compilation album, Forbidden Figures with some of the finest voices in today’s underground synth music, to help aid fellow musician Nao Katafuchi with mounting legal fees due to an injurious legal claim for a third party music video upload from which the Germany-based Japanese musician was not involved in the creative process. 

The opening “A Forbidden Figure” is a collaborative track between Paris-based vocalist, composer, performer and TONN Recordings affiliated Madmoizel on music and Nao Katafuchi himself on lyrical duty.

Abrasive, cathartic, mesmeric at the same time, “A Forbidden Figure” combines a soaring inception with hints of early Simple Minds’ entrancing magnetism, John McGeoch-esque penetrating guitar sound ethereality over a turbulent rhythmic tapestry, enhanced by Madmoizel‘s soulful commanding vocalizations, that seamlessly grip the soul with passion and allure.

Triggered by repetitive punchy beats, tight and hypnotic dense bass fluctuations, ominously mechanical tinny percussive resonances, and sparkling, transfixing synthetic reverberations coalesce in a pulsating and piercing overwhelming vortex of deep emotional intensity, that loosely spins and shimmers around incessant powerful vocal nuances, seething with defiant impassioned urgency, that echoes and fades in a convulsive and fiery finale of a flurrying glaring synth spiral and crackling syncopated rhythms, dying out in a last dark breath of “(A) Forbidden Figure”.

The Parisian artist has just released her bass-heavy technoid remix of the track “Engineers and Sailors”, taken from the debut album, “Offshore”, from Toulon based avant-pop duo Marbre via Kotoba Records. Check it out!

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