WL//WH Video Of The Day: VACANT WINDOWS “Mirror of Desire”


Baltimore, Maryland based darkwave artist/producer Samuel Morgan, under his Vacant Windows stage moniker, releases the visuals to accompany his new single “Mirror of Desire”.

Dark synthpop leanings trigger ominous, droning bass pulses through twinkling, bright synth bursts and trembling, icy stabs, to form an intense melancholic dread around frustrated, innocent male croons yearning to manipulate emotion with dramatic drawn-out moans, to fall repeatedly into the all too tempting clutches of love

Lyrics esoterically meander in and out of psychological realms to reveal obsessive desires swept in pain, control, and arrogance visualized under the fatalist guise of narcissistic bliss.

In the found footage from the experimental one-shot video “The Hylide Phantom” by Jeff Somers, a frenetic choreographed dance number dramatically shifts temperament with strobe enhanced hues, to induce a heady mix of pre-programmed mood swings with strategic colour and light manipulation. Imaginary cuts transform a ballerina into a puppet spinning perilously out of control at the wicked hands of a subliminally twisted past and future. Identity hides behind shadows of doubt while unnatural illuminations shock the lens with intoxicating effects to arouse and diminish hope and fear at the switch of a rose-tinted filter.

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