WL//WH Track Of The Day : SOFT KILL “Dancing On Glass”

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Few days ago a German guy, from a brilliant post-punk blog, was astonished at the fact that Soft Kill’s highly limited “Heresy” vinyl album on Weyrd Son Records was still available, ‘what’s wrong with people’ he complained.

He’s damn right, they’re far better and sincere than most of the new bands of hipsters infesting the blogosphere,  but for some incomprehensible reason pretty understimated.

After a long career started in 2010, when Tobias Sinclair departed from San Diego‘s The Blessure Grave, made up of four albums, last year self-produced live cassette and several EP’s and 7″s, line-up changes and hiatus due to dramatic personal struggles, Portland-based four-piece, currently comprised of Tobias Grave (vocals/guitar/synths), Conrad Vollmer (guitar), Owen Glendower (bass) and Adam Bulgasem (drums), is going to release their fourth full-length titled “Savior” via the forward-thinking Canadian label Profound Lore Records.

Builds from its sharp and shimmering guitar lines, steady rhythms and sore, haunted vocals. the new track “Dancing On Glass” evokes subtle conflicts of ease and tension, semplicity and intricacy, ecstasy and agony, lights and shadows wrapped in gloom poppy post-punk excellence.

Soft Kill‘s distinctive and mature songwriting is rooted in deep bleakness, sadness, melancholy with unique intensity and melodic edge, once again they hit the spot gifting us of something exciting and addictive, something utterly genuine.

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Soft Kill- photo by Sam Gehrke